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With the current boom in high end property on the Llŷn Peninsula, Architects and Project Managers alike are seeking suitable and elegant interior design to attract buyers and visitors to their properties. Recent grant initiatives by the Welsh Government aimed at stimulating the tourist economy, encourage development of 4 and 5 star accommodations; be it [...]

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It was early summer 2018, the sun had beamed from a cobalt blue sky for what seemed liked forever. Our new home, tucked away just behind Hell’s Mouth, was a dreamlike paradise. I folded the map, turned to Sally and stated with a confidence that far exceeded my ability to execute the task, ‘You know [...]

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Big Steps Forward for Abersoch’s Water Safety

It was the busiest weekend on the water for many a season last weekend, Abersoch Main Beach was the place to be, with estimated over 5000 on the beach and 100’s of craft on the water yet there was a degree of calm for everyone on the water within the 4 knots speed limit. 100’s [...]

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Great Fish Dishes in Abersoch

Originally a fishing village, Abersoch is your oyster when it comes to savouring seafood. From post-beach hangouts to some of the area’s finest dining establishments, the village and its surroundings are renowned for their mouth-watering, hunger-inducing fish dishes. Sourced from the surrounding waters of the Llŷn Peninsula, the choice of fish is abundant in local [...]

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Abersoch Magazine 20th Birthday Issue is here

The Autumn issue of Abersoch Magazine is out and it's a big one! Celebrating 20 years of the magazine's life it's crammed full of appropriate features, photos and stories. To get your copy you can either call in to one of the shops listed below or click here to subscribe. In this issue you can [...]

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Abersoch Magazine is 20 years old!

We’re proud to be celebrating 20 years of the Abersoch Magazine this year having been launched 65 issues ago in the year 2000. Our next issue is going to mark the occasion, not just with a fancy cover, more pages and more copies printed then any issue before, but it will be crammed full of [...]

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Welsh adaptive surfing championships

Local Welsh Adaptive Surfing Champion Llywelyn Williams is heavily involved in the organisation of the first ever adaptive surfing championship in wales held at Surfsnowdonia on 5-6th July. It will also be the first ever adaptive surfing championship in a wave garden with 24 athletes coming from 10 different countries as far as Australia, Japan [...]

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Cancer Research is the charity as Abersoch Life's Kevin Bell (and friends along the way) paddleboard from Abersoch to Poynton! It had been a tough old time. Two old heroes, who had become particularly friendly in their old age thanks to their mutual love of their shared families and of sitting on the beach here [...]

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Abersoch Magazine Summer is here

The Summer issue of Abersoch Magazine is out in the shops and it's a belter! Very much a water & beach focused issue it will set you up for a great summer in Abersoch and surrounding area. Features editor Rhiannon Jenkins explains a little about what is inside: "In this issue of Abersoch Magazine, we [...]

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