We’re proud to be celebrating 20 years of the Abersoch Magazine this year having been launched 65 issues ago in the year 2000.

Our next issue is going to mark the occasion, not just with a fancy cover, more pages and more copies printed then any issue before, but it will be crammed full of great memories, fitting articles and just loads of feel-good positive Abersoch stories!

To get our readers involved we are giving away 20 x 1 year subscriptions to people who help contribute in our 66th issue that celebrates our proud achievement. So we’re after your best memories, photos, stories for any one of the following and the ones we publish will win a years subscription:

  1. We want to hear your stories involving the most iconic of all Abersoch features: the beach huts, of course! Perhaps you have an interesting piece of knowledge to share or photos of an incredible transformation. Maybe you use your hut for something beyond its usual function. Or perhaps, in your family, the beach hut has become a place for members to come together, connecting them throughout the generations.
  2. We want to hear your best Abersoch memory. It could be from 5 years ago, it could be from 50 years ago and if you have photos to support it then even better!
  3. Finally, we’re looking for old photos of Abersoch. The older the better. Provide as much information as you can about the photo you submit.

Please either DM us on facebook or email to [email protected] by no later than Sunday 28th July and make sure any photos are sent at the highest resolution (quality) possible.

Thank you

Abersoch Magazine.